1. Functionality of the finance department
    1. The purpose of the Accounts department is to manage financial resources in order to ensure effective utilization and accountability of public resources and promote good corporate governance.
    2. Headed by the Finance Manager who is assisted by two (2) Assistant Accountants; one for Revenue and another for Expenditure. The Assistant Accountants are subordinated by two (2) Accounts Assistants in their respective sections.
  2. Pricing for products and services
    1. Available on request
  3. Modes of payment
    1. Clients can pay for Council service using the following modes:
      1. ZANACO Bill muster (for license renewals only)
      2. Direct Deposit into the Licenses and Registration account for all other services and purchase of training materials and uniforms (bank details provided as required or when requested)
  • VISA Point of Sale (PoS) Machine (for special cases only) – the aim is to decongest the Accounts office
  1. PMEC for service servants on government payroll.
  2. Online payments (to be introduced soon)
  1. Contact numbers to call in event of client challenges
    1. Landline: +260 211 221284
    2. Email: Ackim.Tembo@nursing.org.zm
  2. Process flow map after payment through transfer or bank deposit
    1. Client submits original deposit slip or copy of transfer instruction to the bank
    2. Accounts Staff verify receipt of funds using internet banking or Bill Muster summaries received form the bank
    3. Accounts Staff issues receipt from Pastel, signs and stamps it.
    4. Client is referred to the next service level which could be Stores or Registration Office.
  3. Public and client Sensitization
    1. The following are the key due dates for payments to the Council:
      1. License renewals – 31st December of each year
      2. Indexing fees –
  • Examination fees – 31st March for June qualifying examinations and 30th September for December qualifying examinations

Note: Clients are advised to get original receipts from Accounts Staff for all payments except for payments via Bill Muster for license renewals.